Refund Policy

No Refunds or Exchanges accepted. 

In the past, we had more than a few problems with customers wanting to return the products. 

Unfortunately, we had many situations where the products were damaged and ruined/stained by the costumer directly and they wanted a refund for products that we took extremely good care of.

This is one of the many reasons why we do not accept refunds or exchanges. 

*Faulty Pretty Casual Golfers: As stated on many platforms, the faulty golfers can vary in mistakes. Some of the golfers have unnoticeable mistakes, whereas other golfers MAY have the following: smudged flower lines, uneven stitching, transparent ink, and in few cases even holes or small ripped areas. These Golfers are given at a DISCOUNT price for the above mentioned reasons. :)

*Thrifted Jackets - Some might have minor mistakes but that comes with the story and character of the jacket 😉  Good quality jackets sold to you for an affordable price! 

*Most of the Thrifted Jackets are from international countries etc. and will sometimes have a different sizing measurement than S.A. sizes. (Example: The tag may say "Medium", but then it is actually a S.A. "Small" - or the other way around! This is just part of the character that comes with each Thrifted Jacket. ❤

We trust and hope you understand :)